About us

OurTown 3D is a collaboration between two great companies: Virtual World 3D and 212 Creative, LLC. With the combined knowledge and technologies of our teams, we have created something unique in the world of online navigation.

Virtual World 3D is a Virtual World Innovations is a VR photography company headquartered in Michigan serving clients across the globe. They are they premier provider of 3D Matterport Tours, 360° Virtual Tours, Google Photography Services, and Aerial Photography Services.

212 Creative, LLC is a 212 Creative, LLC is a creative agency with offices in southeastern Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia. We help businesses expand their digital presence and reach more clients. Our core services include website design and web app development, graphic design, digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization and education and training.

How does it work?

Our company creates a 360 degree aerial photograph of your town. We then go in and put in place markers for each business and service. When the client hovers over a business or service, the business or service name will appear. You get all of that at no cost. Each visitor can easily navigate around the entire town with a birds-eye view, zoom in to check out a business or two, then with one click be up in the air, navigating the entire landscape.

If any business wants more than just their name, we are happy to oblige them. We will create a page for the business that will pop up, including a link to the website, social media, address, and external or internal pictures of the business. Perhaps the most exciting option available to businesses is a virtual 3D map of the interior of the business. With one click of the mouse, a prospective customer can enter the store and zoom around the room, going down every aisle and virtually exploring every nook and cranny. This exciting new technology will allow all prospective customers to virtually stroll through your store anytime they would like.

What a fun, easy way to experience your town and your business, and what a great way to showcase cutting edge technology..