Q: How much does it cost
There are different costs for each stage of the process. To get the 360 degree aerial photograph of the town or city, then put in place markers for each business and service, and to create a website is one price. Each business could have a business page built that would pop up when the customer hovered over their place marker. On that page the price would vary depending on if a new website is built, or if an existing website will be linked to the page. There is another fee for a 360 degree Matterport of the interior of the business.
Q: Can I stop anytime?
Yes, if a business does not want their business page, they can stop anytime. If a customer hovers over the map, just the name of their business would appear at no additional charge.
Q: What will my business look like on the map if I don’t subscribe
Each business will have a place marker. When the customer hovers over the place marker, the name of the business will appear.
Q: I already have a website and a GMB listing--why do I need to spend more money?
There is great power for Search Engine Optimization to have all of the businesses in the town on the same platform. The interconnectedness of the information makes it more visible to the world when conducting searches.
Q: Isn’t this just a fad?
Technology is always changing, growing and pushing boundaries. Far from a fad, we feel that we are riding the wave of the next cutting-edge technology.
Q: How is this better than google street view?
Google street view is nice, but clumsy. Navigation is difficult and slow, and to go back and forth between street view to get the details, and a birds-eye view of the town to get the lay of the land and a feel for the space, is impossible for all practical purpose.
Q: How will this bring more customers to my store?
If a customer is looking on a static, old-fashioned website, they must look at one website at a time. They would have no idea that right next door to a bookshop is a delightful cafe that they can cozy up to and read their latest book purchase. With OurTown 3D, that is simplicity itself. More customers will come, because more customers will see your location, and with a simple click, but able to see inside your store, virtually browse around and decide to come back in person.
Q: What other towns have you done, and what is their data look like?
This is such a new product, only the visionary pioneers are jumpinging on board to stay ahead of the competition. What a great reputation to build for your town or business. To show that you are cutting edge and way ahead of the curve, and helping create the future is an exciting possibility.